A team of specialists of the showroom  Fifth Avenue  with the support of our permanent partners are ready to provide complex services in decoration of residential and public spaces of the premium class. Each our project is individual design solution, which takes into account the character and lifestyle of the owner of interior.

Decorating apartments, penthouses, houses and cottages the interior designers think out every detail: they will develop interior design concept,  make selection of  furniture, lighting, textile and accessories of  famous international brands and well-known designers, but also – make selection of unique collectible design and art pieces.

Fifth Avenue has the  efficient logistics program, allowing to optimize the terms of each order execution, own sewing workshop with up-to-date modern equipment, skilled team of technologists, cutters and experts in sewing craft.

We have developed a convenient and effective system of cooperation with architects, designers, decorators, showrooms, design studios, which includes various bonuses and discounts for the regular customers and allows you to order with us products at the best prices.