A home for the "Hemingway hero”

Architects Maria and Nikita Bakharev first created a romantic image around their customer - a traveler, and only after that - for him a house with references to fishing

The authors of the project Maria and Nikita Bakharev decided to create the interior of the house with references to colonial motifs: they decorated a calm pastel background with colorful textiles with floral and animalistic patterns. The idea of expressive “core” of the house, a cast—iron staircase, was taken from their own house, previously appreciated by the customer, (in a wooden house, this combination looks very stylish, the Bakharevs believe).

However, the architects decided to change the color scheme: if the Bakharev’s house is made in milky beige tones, then here the architects took as a basis a combination of olive base and plum-burgundy or eggplant shades (Maria saw a similar palette in a Scottish hotel).

The architects also changed the composition of the customer’s living room, solving it around the fireplace: “The fact is that the client travels a lot, loves nature, fishing. And I have an image of a brave male traveler, almost Hemingway. This is how this fireplace appeared – the image of a hearth, a bonfire around which you can gather with friends,” explains Maria.

In the dining room there is a table and chairs with mesh backs in a combination of two colors of leather – olive and red-caramel, from Promemoria. The cabinet is a showcase for tableware, by Promemoria, in a blue velvet finish; inside the cabinet is trimmed with Pierre Frey fabric.

“For me, there are a lot of important points in this project, because here I was able to express and realize myself completely — not only to work out the facades, make the interior, choosing furniture and decor, but to completely artistically design, up to the sets and accessories”” says Maria. And as a result, it turned out not just a “cozy” house, but a completed portrait of the client.