Neoclassical light interior of an apartment in Moscow

Project of a Moscow apartment designed by the architect Valeria Senkina with furniture and lighting pieces by Promemoria and Veronese presented by FIFTH AVENUE

“The creation of this project is a real handmade work. Selection of subtle combinations of shades of gray and beige. A mix of textures, from velvety matte to full gloss. Marble, brass, wood, glass, suede, ceramics …” – this is how the author Valeria Senkina says about her project.


There are practically no standard solutions and elements in the interior of this Moscow apartment, it was “tailored” carefully and manually, like a fine lace. Gray-blue marble around the perimeter of the living room frames and visually facilitates the overall picture. On the parquet of a complex shade lies a unique carpet by the author’s design. The walls are painted in three shades, which gives the space a special depth and elegance. Promemoria sculptural chairs emphasize the high status of the entire interior, masterfully woven mainly with European brands.

Luxurious chandeliers from Veronese decorate the dining group and the bedroom. In the study-room there are an executive chair and a table lamp by Promemoria, a photo work on the wall by the French photographer Irina Kazaridi, also acquired in our FIFTH AVENUE gallery.