Harmony of space: apartment in Khamovniki

Bright monochrome interior of an apartment in Moscow by DESIGN-WOW with furniture and light items by LIAIGRE

Designers of Design WOW Bureau (Yulia Selivanova and Lidia Mikaelyan) designed a non-boring monochrome interior for the aesthete. The secret of success is in the beauty of textures and the right materials. The color scheme of the interior is solved in a neutral, natural scale: it turned out to be a harmonious space with a relaxing atmosphere without harsh accents. Interestingly, the color palette was inspired by the complex gray-beige shades of the facades of Parisian houses: designers love Paris and constantly come there for inspiration and new ideas. “Working in monochrome involves special attention to the beauty of textures and the choice of materials that give the interior expressiveness. In this project, we have relied on noble and practical materials: marble, alabaster, wood, bronze, leather and silk.” – the authors of the project say.

Furniture in the interior is elegant and with character. It is not surprising that the choice fell on pieces designed by Christian Liaigre: “Master of French luxury” is known for his love of natural materials and subtle beauty of textures. The dining group (table and chairs), a sofa, a console and side table in the living room are designed by LIAIGRE. In the master bedroom, there are bedside tables, table lamps, a chair, a guridon table and sculptural white floor lamps – also designed by LIAIGRE.