Modern French chic - elegant interior in Moscow

Apartment in French style designed by decorator Natalia Maslova with pieces of furniture from LIAIGRE

Decorator Natalia Maslova does not like half measures. The owners of this apartment planned only to update the interior after 10 years of living in it. As a result, all the walls were torn down and rebuilt. Thanks to the redevelopment, it was possible to create not only harmonious, regular-shaped rooms, but also to build two enfilades. “I convinced the owners to give up the balcony for the living room and attach it to the room. As a result we have a breakfast area with a panoramic view”. — says Natalia. “Do you agree, that nothing could be better than with a morning coffee you could freely admire the spreading crowns of trees.”
By the way, it was the views outside the windows that determined the color scheme of the interior: gray-green shades of old linden trunks with patches of green and sky blue. Natalia managed to create a space that feels calm and at the same time elegant in its embodiment, which clearly captures the atmosphere of Parisian houses. Almost all pieces of furniture — a modern French classics, where the first violin is played by Christian Liaigre (LIAIGRE).

Textiles and luxurious finishing materials — raw silk, velvet, the finest handmade Venetian cotton, natural marble, brass inserts on the doors and floor of matt walnut give the rooms a special comfort. However, the main style-forming element and the starting point for creating of interior concept were art pieces. “I start every project with a selection of paintings that sets the tones and creates an image of the future interior,” the designer admits.