Contemporary French interior of a countryside house in Moscow region

The project of a country house in Moscow region designed by Zoya Mamontova with furniture and lighting by LIAIGRE, as well as artworks and design pieces by Pierre Bonnefille, Philippe Hurel, Bruno Moinard, Martin Berger in the FIFTH AVENUE completion

To be closer to nature in a house where the interior is imbued with harmony, peace and is woven from exceptional French objects and artifacts – the best that is in the world. Where each fragment is a separate subtle and complex scenography that you want to contemplate and study endlessly…Your attention is drawn to such a project of a countryside house near Moscow, made by a talented designer Zoya Mamontova and included in the collector’s issue of AD Russia.


This is probably the biggest project for our FIFTH AVENUE team with LIAIGRE furniture and lighting over the past few years in Russia, it literally breathes the aesthetics of the famous French house. And it is so gratifying that Russian customers are changing their view of interior design today and share with us the concept of discrete, intelligent luxury, where there is a place for paintings and photo-art by such masters as Pierre Bonnefille, Bruno Moinard, Massimo Listri, Christophe Gagnon and Martin Berger – and this is only an incomplete list of artists in Zoya Mamontova’s project.


And in addition to the masterpieces of Christian Liaigre and Maison LIAIGRE, there are collectible pieces by Pierre Bonnefille, Martin Berger, as well as items from Bruno Moinard, Philippe Hurel and Christophe Delcourt in this beautiful interior.