Trends of Maison&Objet 2017

Very soon this spring Fifth Avenue offer  your attention new accessories and fabrics.
January 27, 2017

As we noted in the report on Deco Off, in order to replace the modesty and restraint of the collections of previous seasons, due to the European economic downturn of the past, thanks to today’s emerging recovery of the macroeconomy as a whole, came brightness and excessive decor, paying homage to the general fascination with the era of the 70-80s of XX century (the period of postmodernism in design and global culture) in the color palette and patterns. In the society of the late 70s – 80s has formed a complex sociological structure, which was almost impossible to be clearly divided into average, lower and higher classes. Taste and style in different segments of the population were also multifaceted. This aesthetic pluralism of views and opinions has become a social phenomenon of the 70s, which led eventually to the emergence of a new artistic style, as opposed to the modern movement called postmodern. Postmodern destroyed the postulate “form follows function”, and ceased to divide the categorical design is “bad” and “good”, “good form” and “kitsch” to “high culture” and “mass.” This period was also marked by the hippies movement, with its attendant lifestyle – the freedom, travel, exotic, brightness, outrageous and even kitsch, a lot of experiments and citations of the past…

At M&O in materials we noted the mix of everything – marble, onyx, bronze and brass and steel, chrome, painted metal, everything your heart desires! In the facades of the furniture we noted complex and sometimes psychedelic patterns in veneer, upholstery in the interior bright natural linen, silk, and cotton powdered velvet and boucle, and even all kinds of exotic feathers. The general color of the season became, as we have already mentioned – turquoise or blue, azure, aquamarine, various shades of which is vary from gray-green of turquoise to the deep dusty blue, as a tribute to nature and freedom. The golden color in all its possible nuances – from gold to ochre, also became a favorite of the season, playing on the contrast in various combinations in decoration with black, blue and gray, which add to it more radiance. Brightness and redundancy, extravagance and eccentricity are welcome in the creation of both private and public interiors this season!

Very soon this spring Fifth Avenue offer  your attention new accessories and fabrics that we carefully selected for you at the January Maison&Objet session. Don’t miss it out!