Trends and news of January Deco Off

... within Maison&Objet in Paris in  Fifth Avenue review
January 26, 2017

January Maison&Objet and Deco Off in Paris are traditionally decoration and textile salon, which we enthusiastically visited and renewed the collection of Fifth Avenue with novelties of the world’s best textiles and accessories manufactureres, acquainted with new tendencies in colour solutions in the interior for this year and brought our clients a number of new brands and inspiring new brands!
In this report we will talk about Deco Off, which is mostly an acquaintance of professionals and buyers with the novelties of the world’s best manufacturers of textiles. Galleries, studios and textile showrooms in San Germain this season were extremely animated with a large flow of buyers. Not surprising, because modesty and restraint collections of past seasons, due to European economic recession, were replaced by excess brightness in decorative colours and patterns due to some recovery in the macroeconomy as a whole. A common theme of perhaps most collections became the theme of journeys that inspired designers to create new fabrics. The main color of the season is turquoise or blue, azure, aquamarine, various shades of which is what varies from gray-green of turquoise to a deep dusty blue. The golden color in all its possible nuances from gold to ochre, also became a favorite of the season, playing on the contrast in various combinations with black, blue and gray. Also, almost all manufacturers as one this season showed boucle and chanel, but the trend is rather interesting and relevant for Europe than for Russia…
From all variety of new textile collections (and we’ve visited 20 showrooms of textile brands and had a look at all their new collections), we especially would like to highlight Lelievre, Metaphores, Rubelli, Holland Sherry, and De le Cuona, Loro Piana, whose innovations seemed to us the most striking and impressive. In the spring samples of the new collections of these brands will join the exhibition of textiles in the showroom Fifth Avenue. To be continued!