«Remove extra»: project of Francois Champsaur (Elle Decoration)

January 21, 2015

The cover of Elle Decoration in February adorns the element of living room made by the Parisian French architect and designer François Champsaur, whose style is close to Japanese architecture, where emptiness is the “main character”, and light, air and space create a unique rhythm around it. It is not surprising that in his interior organically lives and performs the role of “first violin” furniture items from Christian Liaigre, the founder of French minimalist chic, in the “orchestra” of such names as Cassina, Pouenat and ClassiCon.

Project author pays tribute to laconic  and “correct” forms of sofas, banquettes, coffee tables and benches from Christian Liaigre, and decorative bronze items created by Liaigre in collaboration with Eric Schmidt, the most famous name in the bronze production in Paris. “This house is similar to the ancient Roman Villa, where the architecture is so perfect that the decor is not a must”. Pure delight!