Quartz collections Zoffany

gold and amethyst...
February 4, 2013

Romance, history and innovation combine in Zoffany’s January 2013 ‘Quartz’ collections.

Contemporary in style, the silky light-weight fabrics, unusual upholstery qualities and dramatic wallpapers introduce an opulent theme to Zoffany’s portfolio.

Quartz Weaves offer twelve lustrous qualities including silks, sheers, stripes and semi-plains wovenwith beautiful yarns and subtle patterns in soft mineral colour palettes of rose quartz, chalk and silver and richer dramatic palettes of lapis, gold and amethyst.

Quartz Wallpapers are archive inspired, but use new techniques and materials including foil and light reflective papers and inks to create unique and stunning wallcoverings.

Both collections are designed to complement the luxurious upholstery weaves, subtle prints and textural wallpapers in Zoffany’s Town & Country collections launched in Autumn 2012.