Project of “family apartment with a history” in Moscow by designer Alexander Krivov (January 2018,

January 17, 2018

FIFTH AVENUE provides completion services  not only for large-scale  residential projects but also for small apartments,  with design pieces of European manufacturers of medium-price segment. To your attention is the example of such a project of Russian architect Alexander Krivov in Moscow, published on the web resource

When it comes to recreate  interior of the “apartment with history”, a  designer faces a lot of problems. What is it, this story? When it comes to Moscow, everything is difficult. As a rule, the history of an apartment was bent along with the line of the party: and what here is considered a guide to what to strive for? Designer Alexander Krivov got an apartment with a history that survived several epochs and numerous ups&downs of the Soviet country.

According to the designer,” good renovation of the early 90’s“ added nothing to the apartment, except of ”unnecessary niches, hacks, mezzanine that created a sense of tightness.” But the beauty of the apartment, according to him, is that the bearing in it are only the outer walls and two pylons in the center plus a small wall. All this made it possible to make a complete dismantling and create a layout from scratch. After 10 months, all the work was completed. And the choice of clients together with the author of the project of an esthetics of modern classics strengthened relevance of an interior for many years ahead.

FIFTH AVENUE congratulates Alexander with the publication and thank  for the fruitful cooperation!