Decorative light always plays if not the first, then the second fiddle in the interior. With it, you can transform the interior, place or add the right stylistic accents and create the necessary visual comfort zones, adjusting its level and intensity in space. The right light depends not only on the degree of comfort of the owners of the house, but also on the general idea of the quality of the interior as a whole.
Today, the light as an art object is no longer a trend, but a clearly formulated approach by the world’s leading architects and interior designers. We offer you a beautiful French brand Veronese Paris, which produces lighting made of Murano glass in the best traditions of French design. The brand collaborates and has in its collection art works from Constance Guisset, Isabelle Stanistas, Raphael Navot, Tristan Auer, Pierre-Yves Rochon, Reda Amalou Design and others.
You can buy these lighting pieces only in FIFTH AVENUE on the exclusive terms in Moscow.

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