Tom Faulkner

Tom Faulkner began his professional creative life in the early nineties – first painting furniture with bold, colourful graphic patterns. In 1995 he designed two metal chairs: “Metal was a great discovery” he says “I was immediately seduced by its stylistic possibilities – the fact that you could bend it and twist it into almost any shape you liked – and also by its strength, versatility, and simplicity.”

He started to design more furniture in metal, first subcontracting to a forge in Wiltshire, and then in 1996, armed with a £5,000 loan from the bank, he bought the workshop from the retiring proprietor al along with all its machinery. The business has grown organically ever since, but is still compact (about 14 employees), and the workshop is still in Wiltshire, although has since moved to bigger premises. Meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail in both the manufacturing and finishing are paramount, and there is a policy of total quality in every aspect of the business. From the palette of marble tops of exotic kinds in the arsenal of Tom Faulkner each customer can loose his head. While that is important, the pricing policy of furniture items from Tom Faulkner is quite pleasant and humane, what have already made sure some of our customers, who bought the pieces.

You can order furniture, lighting and accessories from Tom Faulkner in the Fifth Avenue showroom on the most favorable terms in Moscow!

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