The Belgian company Sempre creates unique in style and forms of furniture and items of interior design, reflecting the natural beauty of natural materials. Sempre produces furniture for indoor and outdoor, presented in three directions: Cleybergh, Potchelli and Libero. Each collection focuses on the material, its natural qualities, on the preservation of genuine respect for nature and people. In wood processing Sempre makes the  emphasis on its texture. The natural curves of the branches become the legs of the chairs, and the polished surface of the tables shows off all beauty of wood patterns.

Gommaire Cleybergh being one of the main designers of the company started creating interiors, after working on the design of flower compositions. Soon a small collection of glassware and rattan products grew into a thoroughly developed collection which became famous worldwide. All items of  Cleybergh collection are made of processed in the traditional way glass, rattan, teak, oak and leather.

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