Sanderson Designer Options

For January 2013, Sanderson launch Designer Options, the 11th Options collection. This series of collections has been going for 31 years with the first Options collection launched in 1982. Designer Options includes work from three well-known British designers, Fiona Howard, Wendy Bray and Jenny Frean as well as renowned Italian designer Giacomo Barzaghi. Three designers from the Sanderson studio, Alison Gee, Helen Sydney and Claire Hart also join them. Each designer was invited to create coordinated wallpaper and fabric prints in their own distinctive handwriting, reflecting their personal style.

There are a total of eleven prints and twelve wallpapers in the collection including Dandelion Cloc ks from the previous Options 10 collection and Fifi, which was previously printed as a wallpaper in the ‘50’s’ collection. The style of Designer Options is varied to give the customer a wide choice within one book. Contemporary designs, classic Indienne trails and fresh florals are all included.

BEAUTI FUL BALL OONS. A charming collection that combines whimsical embroideries for the young at heart with elegant embroidered trails, complemented by multicoloured satin stripes. Beautiful Balloons is a stunning design of hot air balloons floating across the sky adorned with lively, colourful patterns. It is embroidered on cotton twill in four colourways.

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