Radice – luxury home furnishings manufacturer – was founded in 1965 by Achille Radice. At present the company is run by the founder’s grandsons Luca, Davide and Giorgio Radice.The factory is located in the heart of Brianza, 20 km. north of Milan.

Style Radice is a special mixture of classic and modern art Deco, Empire and Biedermeier, with elements of yacht style and eclectic 40-ies of the last century.

From the conception of a simple drawing, Radice transforms the idea into a finished piece, customized in every detail. Both the customization of items on catalogue and the realization of new piece offers give the interior designers the opportunity to cater to their client’s most unusual desire: custom furniture that is truly tailored to the individual as essence of “home couture.”These traditional cornerstones of quality construction and superior material make Radice furniture a reward and a pleasure. The styles transcend temporary fashion with the certainty that good design has enduring appeal.

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