Creation of glass in fire commands respect and still carries something of the ancient mysteries. The magic and the power of light in the hands of these masters of their craft. Manual labor beyond imagination… Meet brand Preciosa from Czech Republic!
Experience and skill of Preciosa artisans allows it to produce almost anything, sometimes even beyond manufacturability. Thus, Preciosa is able to manufacture unique signature designs for all their clients. Preciosa is one of the few manufacturers in Europe that use oxygen fuel technology. This allows the company to better control and manage the preparation process of glass. The result is impeccably pure glass of highest quality with minimal amount of visual irregularities.
Preciosa daily scores from individual bespoke projects – lighting and produces light installations for such global hotel chains like Ritz Carlton, OneOnly, Westin, St Regis, Four Seasons, including in St. Petersburg. Flagship Preciosa project in Moscow – the Bolshoi Theatre! What can I say? Fifth Avenue was making the first bespoke projects for our clients with the factory, but we are also pleased to offer commercial collection for Your projects. To order a custom installation on Your sketches and original light from Preciosa in Fifth Avenue on the most favorable terms in Moscow.

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