Philippe Hurel

Philippe Hurel – one of the oldest interior French houses, has more than a century of history. Today, the house of Philippe Hurel is managed by the great-grandson of the founder Maxim Jurel, who was educated in London and is convinced that the legacy of the unique furniture house, carefully preserved and developed by his father, famous Philippe Jurel, should not only be preserved, but also directed into the future.

The modern aesthetic of Philippe Hurel is simple and refined. It intertwines the ideas of Art Deco and Bauhaus, as a result of which a timeless furniture classic is created. At the end of the 70s, when Philippe Jurel joined the company, the young architect Christian Liaigre created collections for maison Philippe Hurel, who later founded his own brand in 1987, but his work had an indelible influence on the style and philosophy of of Philippe Hurel. The house’s collection is distinguished by restrained elegance, strict lines and the highest quality of finishing of rare and precious materials. True French chic!

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