The history of the company goes back to 1921 in Golasecca on the banks of the river Ticino, where the heads of the Torrani and Jelmini families decided to embark on joint enterprise in the textile sector. This was the beginning of Vestor, a company that produces and markets embroidered fabrics and precious silks.1953 was an important year for the Jelmini family: one of the granddaughters, Rosita, married Ottavio Missoni an enfant prodige of Italian athletics. This marriage was not only solid from a personal point of view but it also created genuine developments in the business field. Combining the yarn used for embroidery by Rosita’s grandparents and the fabric used for the tracksuits worn by the team from Tai, the Missoni family created a new concept in knitwear and they eventually became recognized as the masters of colour on the Italian pret-a-porter scene.Considerable developments took place during the seventies and Vestor became T & J Vestor. From being a reference company in the linen sector the company came to be a pioneer of lifestyle concept: total style for the home, no longer limited to the traditional linen sector but branching into every aspect of the home including wall paper and porcelain. The clientele also gradually changed; consequently in 1983 the company introduced the Missoni home linen collection, fabrics for the home, for furnishings curtains and carpets. The extraordinary Missoni creativity combined with the company know-how of these family-run firms have been the key ingredients of this successful collection.

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