Meritalia was born in 1987 for the production of upholstered and other furnishing elements and developed a precious know-how which today allows it to dedicate itself to a high level of work providing a personalized and complete “keys in hand” with an almost exaggerated care. The company is able to create “ad hoc” solutions which satisfy any aesthetic and functional need. Special details are added for the most varied furnishing solutions. Forty-five years of work at the highest levels have enabled Giulio Meroni to develop his own personal manufacturing philosophy. The secret of his firm’s success comes from his determination to melt in every single piece of furniture creativity and manufacturing together with the demands of the end user. The factory is rightly proud of having as collaborators some prestigious designer, afterwards all Meritalia’s team represents a successful way to improve all over again the quality of production. This is just what Giulio Meroni wanted Meritalia to be: a firm which not only produces furniture, but aims to put interior design ideas into practice.

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