Lizzo presented their new collections in Paris DECO OFF

Paris Déco Off, one of the most important international events for the interior designers and decoration editors concluded their fourth edition this week. Another year, Lizzo took the opportunity to present in Paris Déco off the new collections for 2013, which have been received with great success among all our visitors.

This year, LIZZO continues to explore history and culture, and draws from the beauty of past eras to surprise us with innovative collections that carry a strong personal touch.

For 2013, Lizzo celebrates Japanese flower art with Ikebana, a modern collection which takes nature to greater heights with an Asian feel. The Nomad collection looks to Mongolian tribes that hark back to 13th-century warrior civilizations, with new linens and natural fibres, alongside marvellous ethnic patterns. The Opera collection is inspired by the sumptuous decorations of the world’s most classic operas to create a collection that embodies the essence of the brand. Finally, the perfume of bergamot, lavender and other fragrances inspire Aroma, a collection of natural, sophisticated voile curtains with a craft finish and vintage touch.

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