Juliet Travers

Our aim is to produce wallpapers which are an asset to your residential or commercial space. Our papers are to be recognised as works of art rather than wallpaper and for the exquisite attention to detail and geographical theme behind each collection.
Our ethos for design is to not only capture the common characteristics of wildlife but to also portray typical scenes in which those animals would be found. All our designs stem from beautiful detailed hand drawings, using mixed media materials to create life like textures and tones of the wildlife. Our goal is to ensure our papers appear hand painted. In order to capture the detail in the original art work and re-create it as wallpaper, our designs are printed using the gravure technique, which is a world class printing method for achieving maximum detail and tone. We launch in 2013 with an exciting debut collection, Safari, which takes you on a journey through East Africa exploring some of the most beautiful wildlife found on the continent. Using the Farrow and Ball paint colours as a reference for this collection gives a classic English twist and creates a soothing yet refreshing feel to each design. This collection perfectly summarises our company ethos, and opens so many doors for future collections with a similar geographical theme. Juliet Travers

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