We’d like to present to Your attention a new brand – INEDITO, Italian history of Your sleep…The palaces of Morpheus are places of the soul where the ego can expand itself to reach the heights of its expression, where everything is perfect, the climate is ideal, and life runs smoothly. A place where we can feel important, successful and fulfilled… A foretaste, virtually a prefiguration, of hoped-for future worlds. We spend “the other half of life” there, deep in the mysterious rejuvenating realm we call sleep. It’s a place for Love, where Life is pictured, intimate yet on show. A place of safety and shelter for our little ones. A space for sleep and dreams, a backdrop for tales to be told and lived, and magical encounters with princes and princesses. This is our mission – new objects and settings, an original concept for the other half of life.

See for yourself how brilliantly brand INEDITO owns the artistic reception of large-scale transformations, creating  simple and clean shapes of beds. You can get acquainted with INEDITO beds and see all samples in Fifth Avenue showroom where you can make an order on exceptional terms in Moscow

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