Formia was created in 1962 by two master glassmakers, Formentello and Mian. Formia has a varied range with figurative pieces of animals and humans, vases and bowls.

A Murano Glass object witnesses the passion for art glass crafting handed down from over 20 generations. No one is born a Master Glassmaker, but can become such with a bit of skill, much work and a good amount of pride, which permits to gather experience by ‘snatching’ with the eyes the abilities of the other glass masters. No School can teach how to become a Glass Master. Only the people working in the furnace are the Masters of the Glassmaking Art.

In a spasmodic market, ever more cluttered with Products, Objects and designs, the Formia Company with its two brands, breathes Style through its Products. Innovation lies in the image that it communicates; Creativity lies in the essential concept of the Brand that distinguishes the Product and places it on the Market.

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