Edward Harpley

Fuelled by a passion for antiques, fine furniture and traditional craftsmanship, Edward Harpley designs and manufactures turned, carved and gilded window furnishings, furniture masterpieces and collectable items for designers and decorators all over the world. From our 17th century thatched cottage in Suffolk, England, we produce an unrivalled selection of curtain poles, drapery rods, finials, brackets, tiebacks, pelmets and centrepieces. Edward Harpley also designs or replicates special pieces of furniture such as four poster beds. Edward Harpley, without whose inspiration, creativity and skill, this company would never have existed, died on July 10th 2012. It has been Edward’s insistence on quality, historical accuracy and imagination that has made us the success we are today and carried our “antiques of the future” into historic houses, palaces and amazing homes all over the world. Edward’s passion for design, architecture and furniture was endless. His personality, kindness, humour and talent will never be forgotten, those who knew him loved him and those whose lives he touched will be the brighter for it. Edward Harpley meticulously recreates some of the very best designs of the last four centuries as well as designing innovative, more streamlined designs for today. Although our materials are limitless, Edward Harpley specialises in using real woods such as African mahogany, oak, sycamore and cherry from recognised sustainable resources where effective renewal and replanting is guaranteed and certificates are available when required. 

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