Dominique Kieffers world of textiles is in her image alone – elegant, unique and minimalist. Her research targets natural materials, in particular linen which she develops in a wide variety of structures. Her flair for colour is apparent in the tones of optical white, hemp beige, blood red, sulphur yellow, absinth green, indigo blue, lead grey and coal black. Her sources of inspiration range from neoclassical sculpture to art deco, from Swedish Gustavian proportions to the masculine beauty of the Directoire period style. She pays a tribute to various materials such as wood, brick, zinc, slate, marble, glass, etc. Fond of travel, she brings back ideas from all over the world to add a touch of fantasy, charm and lyricism to her creations. Graciousness, quality and organic: possible keywords in the style and philosophy of Dominique Kieffer.

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