DCW Editions

In FIFTH  AVENUE portfolio is another great French manufacturer of design items is DCW éditions. The brand originates in 2008 and represents a nostalgic vision and, as a result, homage to the masterpieces of mainly light design of the mid-twentieth century by Alexander Calder and Le Corbusier. DCW éditions pieces have their roots in the past, perfectly fit into modernist projects in the present, and aim to represent value in the future, positioning themselves as timeless. Moreover, these design items share three common aspects: they are well thought out, well designed and well made. Different collections of DCW éditions are in constant dialogue with each other and mix perfectly with each other.

“All that matters is to create an object that is true, honest and will stand the test of time.” – Philip Keyser and Frederick Winkler, founders of DCW éditions, are convinced.

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