Byron and Byron was formed 1984 to supply a variety of hand crafted and traditionally finished accessories for the rapidly growing interior design sector of 1980’s Britain.
One element was key from the start, the control of all processes of production from design, to prototyping and then manufacturing of all of every item. The luxury of having his own workshop on the premises allowed Orazio to be creative and experimental with finishes and to be very responsive to new ideas and trends in colour and design. This ability of the company to tackle problems and develop innovative ideas quickly over the years, is unique to Byron Byron. The wooden bay poles and the decorative polmets are two obvious examples of this process.
Over a quarter of a century later Byron Byron is still turning out curtain poles, finials and accessories, gilded, painted and polished on site. The company has grown and so have the ranges of poles and finials. This is no longer the small Islington workshop but a factory in Tottenham.
Production has become increasingly mechanized and sophisticated but there is still a high reliance on the skill and attention of a team of gilders and craftsmen. Successful new designs are now the product of experience and expertise rather than youthful exuberance.

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