Bruno Triplet

Bruno Triplet was born in Versailles, France but has lived most of his life abroad in metropolitan cities such as Paris, London, New York and Zurich. This multicultural background forms the basis of his inspirations and taste. After several years in high fashion companies such as Saint Laurent and Comme des Garcons, rich of his experience and having honed his creative skills, he set up his eponymous label in 1994.
Blending a refined contemporary style with traditional techniques, his collection is all about modernity and chic. Colour is probably what makes Bruno’s collection stand apart. But his deceptively pared down yet tactile textures and designs also reveal an uncompromising choice for a discreet luxury that does not shout but whisper to our senses.
The elegance and timelessness of his designs have always stayed in margin of the main trends and have evolved separately over the last twenty years, while gathering the support and admiration of the most demanding and creative designers and architects worldwide. His attention to detail and personal approach to all aspects of his label have consolidated his small and exclusive reputation, now sought after by a sophisticated international clientele.

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