On October 1, 1886, Friedrich Baumann and Albert Brand founded the company Brand & Baumann that at that time produced and sold linen and semi-linen. At the beginning of the 20th century, the two entrepreneurs went their separate ways and Friedrich Baumann founded his own company, Baumann-Grutter, which produced linen. Friedrich’s sons, Willy and Fritz, took over the company in 1930 and gradually built up an export market for their products. In 1949, they divided the business among themselves, with Willy taking over the upholstery fabric weaving mill and Fritz the linen weaving mill. In 1951, Fritz moved his linen weaving mill to Bern-Zurichstrasse in Langenthal, where the company is still located today. Soon the range was adapted to furnishing fabrics. In the late 50ies “Creation Baumann” was introduced as a brand name which today still stands for interior fabrics of outstanding quality and design.

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