Photo-report on Design-tour to Christian Liaigre in Paris

(May 26-29, 2014) – Part 4
June 14, 2014

Today we complete report on  the Design-tour to Paris together with Christian Liaigre company of thirteen Moscow designers and architects, and media-partners, which took place  in May 26-29. We were lucky enough to visit the production of Christian Liaigrearticles made of bronze, and to get introduecd the features and nuances of it by the indispensable Production Director  – Mr. Bruno Riccione, who works with Christian Liaigre for 20 years!

All of us were literally shocked with what love and attention to every detail the entire production team works in the Liaigre Studio. Each specialist has unique talents, high qualification and creates  truly masterpieces for cult -brand, carefully keeping secrets of its unique technology.

These are very beautiful charismatic people – make sure yourself looking through the photo-report. We learned about the secrets of creating black and white patinated bronze, about the peculiarities of the production of bronze lamps, and even about the production of the trees made of bronze! After all, who of not a true frenchman Christian Liagre knows all of the most complex and sophisticated techniques of handling with this beautiful material? (photos by Nicolas Héron)