Overview of Euroluce 2017

Euroluce 2017 aroused pure delight!
April 14, 2017

As we have noted in the review of the I SALONI exhibition clearly showed that the world today elegantly adapts the legacy of the past and history, creating artistic objects of the future to complement the timeless interiors, there is a place for synthesis of art and design. “Light as art” – an obvious emphasis in light design of this season. Expressiveness, originality, uniqueness, avoidance of direct functionality are key principles which the leading manufacturers of of light of the world showed demonstrated in their novelties. The light gives the space a completely unique charm, perhaps, the main final touch clearly talking about the style of the interior and its concept.

We chose the most beautiful and emotional novelties from our point of view, the innovations that have character, architecture, style, and ready to share with you our ideas. We wait for you to visit us in the showroom Fifth Avenue, to get acquainted with the novelties of the season and to get the best product for Your interior.