New collection Savage Couture 2016

by De le Cuona
March 31, 2016

The textile exposition of Fifth Avenue showroom has replenished with a new luxurious collection of fabrics by De le Cuona – Savage Couture 2016, designed by the famous Bernie de le Quona, known as the “Queen of linen”. For professionals it is no secret that De le Quona is the most luxurious and skillful in production and technology of best linen, like no other company that produces expensive textiles for the interior. In new collection Savage Couture the designer created for the first time a textured fabric for interior and upholstery, reminiscent of the iconic Chanel fabric with boucle effect. The designer produces this fabric at the same old factory in France, where in 20-e years of the twentieth century were made legendary fabrics for casual and eveving dresses and suits created by the genious Coco Chanel. The new collection, as always, has exceptional quality linens, mixed fabrics and the softest velvets.

Bernie de le Quona was involved in textile design in South Africa and Brussels. In the early ‘ 90s she founded her own company – De le Cuona in Windsor, UK. The company started with limited range of handmade textiles from India, today offers more than 150 kinds of fabrics, which are made in factories around the world. In addition to fabrics, the company produces bed linen, accessories and textiles for furniture upholsery.