New Collection Refined Rogue 2017 by de Le Cuona

A new collection 2017 - Refined Rogue from de Le Cuona first shown to the public at the end of January in Paris in the framework of Deco Off, which reinvents the heritage of the iconic British textile brand.
February 15, 2017

This is an upholstery fabric family where each design has an unexpected texture. Linen is stonewashed for a gusty feel, twisted with wool to create fleecy herringbones or flecked with colours for dashing tweeds. Velvet has a deep matte surface and the collection is finished with the softest woollen and linen sheer. Colour takes a cue from nature with directional accents of saffron, teal and date purple. The weaves feel precious yet lived-in. Each design has a unique tactility whichcombines to create contrasting and luxurious layers of balance and beauty.

And traditionally like all collections of de Le Cuona, Refined Rogue is complimentary with the previous collections, creating the perfect interior and timeless-mix. In March the new collection Refined Rogue from de Le Cuona will abe presented in Fifth Avenue. In Fifth Avenue you can not only order fabrics, but also order tailoring of textile products for the home – drapery, curtains, tulle, bedspreads and decorative pillows, everything you need to create your perfect interior!