New arrival of accessories from Michael Verheyden in FIFTH AVENUE

"What I strive for, to be very Zen..."  - Michael Verheyden
November 14, 2017


In FIFTH AVENUE showroom we’re glad to announce the arrival of new accessories for  interior from the Belgian designer Michael Verheyden.

Verheiden don’t like complicated forms, in its collection you will find simple cylindrical vases, round bowls, rectilinear tables and chairs that reference us to the works of John Pawson or Donald Judd, but the objects of Verheiden are not strictly minimalistic because of the subtlety and sophistication with which the artist works with stone, bronze and wood.

Using basic geometry and natural complex materials, the Belgian designer creates objects of exquisite beauty and remarkable spiritual power. Maybe for some people they are too heavy or too austere, but the materials that were used to create them, fill them with life, complexity and vibration, and the objects themselves carry a sense of tranquility and transcendence. Looking at his items, touching them, we like our own path of healing, getting back to basics. “What I strive for, to be very Zen,” says the designer, what the best way proves the collection of accessories from Michael Verheyden.