Louise Bourgoin for Pierre Frey

"From the stage to the pattern on fabric"
October 20, 2014

Actress Louise Bourgoin (Louise Bourgoin), known for the films “Love lives three years” by Frederick Begbeder and “Nun” of Guillaume Nyclu, being a graduate of the school of arts has a passion for drawing, after meeting with Patrick Frey rapidly received his proposal to create an equally unusual sensual collection for the House of Pierre Frey as its inspiring sketches. The collection of Louise Bourgoin saw the light at the end of September, it includes three printed patterns on the wallpapers, linen and cotton for curtains and upholstery, as well as for the complete collection – three unique provocative carpets which bring an element of art and languid eroticism in the interior. Also in an unusual collection of young actress and artist includes decorative dishes made of ceramic, hand-painted and produced in a limited series – eight pieces  of each model.

In her collection for Pierre Frey, Louise Bourgoin draws in the technique of the great Matisse almost by one continuous line not erasing erroneous strokes, and subtly using them in her composition… The drawings represent languidly woven in a sensual dance silhouettes of men and women, Sensual modesty of black and white collection of Louise Bourgoin for Pierre Frey will bring Your interior the Bohemian element of refinement and subtle eroticism …