French interiors – basic tips from FIFTH AVENUE allowing to make Your home stylish, elegant and comfortable

October 25, 2017

French interiors guarantee a stunning effect of elegance, which is achieved by the subtle blending of different styles of design –  contemporary minimalist with a more traditional classical. The result is a chic and stylish texture of the whole interior. Style, of course, requires attention and work, but nevertheless, the basis of this aesthetics is the creation of a space that is original with small accents of glitter and glamour. Here are some basic tips from FIFTH AVENUE to push you in the right direction to ideal combination of classic and modern in your interior:

Blend Styles

It is important to not stick to one time period while you are decorating, choosing different classic styles with more modern approaches that showcase your personality. Blend flea market finds with contemporary furniture in bold splashes of color that offset a variety of art and books.


This may sound radical from the point of view of traditional decorating ideas, but the lack of decor or at least in certain areas creates a beautiful streamlined shape of space that will impress your guests.

Keep Your Walls White (or french grey)

While this look goes hand in hand with the previous tip, it is also an invention of necessity. Many French apartments are dark unless they are placed on the top floor and the lack of light does a space no favors. Due to this, white walls have been incorporated into French interiors to help balance the lack of natural light and maximize what they do get. You can always choose to incorporate a splash of color with a beautiful painting or small accent walls that complement the tone of the room.

And finally, Incorporate a Rug

In many French homes the carpet is a kind of centerpiece that brings beauty and functionality in a classic room design. Choosing bright or ornamental carpet, you will add amazing contrast throughout the room with white walls and visually divide the space, providing functional areas.

We know how to make Your interior stylish, elegant and comfortable!