Fifth Avenue Hermes Museum private visit

Exclusive Report  from Paris
March 14, 2014

We are glad to introduce Your the new collection of fabrics from the Spanish factory Lizzo, which was presented during  the international salon Maison&Objet 2014. Lizzo does not change itself – that DNA of Spanish brand, themes and motifs based on the beauty of the cultural heritage of the past, respecting the traditions of the craft, which is passed through a prism of new technologies, philosophy of unity of man and nature…

The collection presents several directions – line Mare with marine motifs that the name implies, Antigiana, referring to the historical heritage and rustical influence, Antilia, dedicated to Christopher Columbus and his discovery of the New world, Touch – collection of delicate textures and velvets soft to the touch, Nereida – the ode to a Greek goddess, who guided sailors in their sea journey, and Bagagge – collection of plains in vintage shade…

The collection Mare sends us to the marine theme, the aesthetics of Mediterranean design with its pastel-like sandy hues, soft glowing textures, rich in saturated patterns depicting coral reefs, underwater flora in gray-pearl, emerald-blue, red-orange, grey-brown colour scheme – a thousand and one shade of the sea, reflecting his infinite perfection!

In the line Antigiana we are amazed by shades of  mustard, aged scarlet, olive…Collection is built on the finest nuances, unity of crafts and art, and cannot fail to captivate their naturalness and authenticity…Welcome to get acquainted with a new collection of Lizzo  in the Fifth Avenue showroom.