Elegant apartment in modern style near the New Tretyakov Gallery

Elegant modern interior of the apartment designed by architect Vadim Grekov in full completion by FIFTH AVENUE

We present to Your attention the reserved and elegant interior of an apartment in Moscow designed by architect Vadim Grekov and fully completed with furniture, lighting, textiles and art pieces by FIFTH AVENUE. The atmosphere of luxurious modern interior is created in this project by pieces of worthy brands of furniture and lighting, such as LIAIGRE, Promemoria, Baxter, Henge, Venini, Lasvit, Flexform, Maxalto and JNL. The owner of this apartment, a business woman and a socialite, appreciates high quality in everything and therefore gave preference in her choice to natural and noble materials, such as mahogany, ebony and walnut woods, bronze, leather, marble, Murano glass, which give the whole interior a certain gloss and set up its hight level with visual modesty and restraint. Textiles were also no exception, so in our work on the project we selected noble natural fabrics in calm and neutral shades by De le Cuona, Dedar, Loro Piana, which gracefully framed the soul of this interior – artistic design pieces and contemporary art.

We thoroughly selected art together with the client for almost two years. The first work, a diptych by Ivan Gorshkov, was purchased at Cosmoscow Art Fair in Marina Gisich Gallery even before the interior concept was approved, and we decided that it would be the starting point of the living room and have all eyes on it with its sharpness, vibration and expression. At the same time, the entire interior will be calm and neutral, leaving art the opportunity to set a coloristic and emotional rhythm in it. Later on, in the living room appeared the famous paintings of Gleb Bogomolov (Marina Gisich Gallery), in the dining room the lithographs of Salvador Dali, in the lobby – the emotional abstraction by Alexey Kuznetsov (MSK Eastside Gallery) and Adam Marinakis, in the master bedroom – the works of Cyril Chelushkin (Marina Gisich Gallery) and again by Adam Marinakis. In the bedroom of client’s son – bronze painting by Pierre Bonnfille.

And this is not all at all: the interior was gradually filled with art as the renovation progressed: the customer’s art collection grew rapidly. The owner of apartment, like us in FIFTH AVENUE, is very fond of modern art, which reflects the spirit of our time and in which everyone can see and feel something of his own. And in this passion for contemporary art we, FIFTH AVENUE, absolutely coincided with the architect Vadim Grekov and our client.