“Dolce Vita” by Riviere

new arrivals in Fifth Avenue
October 9, 2014

In order to create the decor of Your space in an easy and elegant style of “bella vita” you just need to put the right accents and add stylish accessories from Riviere in Your interior. Riviere accessories – decorative boxes to store jewelry, elegant trays, ashtrays, coasters for magazines and newspapers, cute and stylish storage-boxes of stationery for Your desk, as well as the spectacular bathroom accessories – all are created by hand from the most precious materials: luxurious skin, horns, makasar-ebony in unusual combinations with canvas, bamboo, chrome and acrylic. One of the distinctive stylistic features of Riviere -“chess” weaving with the finest leather, which gives subjects a special brand nobleness and elegance, and our customers love it.

In Riviere accessories You will be able to find a decent gift for any occasion whether it is an anniversary, birthday, and just a romantic occasion, which will emphasize Your delicate taste and delight its owner.