DECO OFF: Presentation of Rugged Elegance 2015 by De le Cuona

Part 6
February 5, 2015

And  in the end of our review of Paris January session of DECO OFF for “dessert” we have prepared for You, perhaps, the most important key presentation – introduction to the new collection of Rugged Elegance 2015 from De le Cuona, one of the most prestigious textile brands, at Galerie Nicolas Deman, 12 Rue Jacques Callot.

The Fifth Avenue team traditionally had the honor to see and hear about the new collection from the firsthand- legendary designer Bernie De Le Cuona, creator of the famous brand. After 18 months of refinement and fine tuning Bernie has released his most epic collection of 12 fabrics in 50 shades! Master – class on creating the right combinations of textures and colors from the new collection of Rugged Elegance 2015, the possibilities of its combinations with previous collections of De le Cuona, was an invaluable experience for us. In the new collection delights all – its plasticity, luxurious quality of cashmere, linen, velvet, inimitable washed woven flax,  with which is so easy skillfully to create the most unique, sophisticated and, for sure, expensive interiors…

Very soon you’ll be able to get acquainted with samples of Rugged Elegance 2015 collection in our showroom Fifth Avenue, the official dealer of the brand De le Cuona.