Contemporary Curiosities Rubelli

Nothing is ordinary at Rubelli
February 25, 2013

Everything is naturally extraordinary. Extraordinary or even extravagant, manufactured for a hedonistic lifestyle of sustainable beauty and excentric elegance. How wonderful!

Standard is not in Rubelli’s idiom and minimalism not in their dna. Even a simple stripe is designed with a shadow on heavy satin, even a plain silk is animated by a subtle slub, even a sober tweed is infact an amazing jacquard. How unexpected!

Colourings are subtle like coloured marble or vanishing venetian murals, with cosmetic accents of classical terracotta and powdery boudoir pink. Gold and yellow continue their powerful ascent. And skeleton whites perform a dance with a sense of avant-gardist style. How attractive!

For the 2013 collection, Rubelli is voting for the extreme power of design. Design on an even larger scale with ever bigger repeats in enormous landscaped patterns that narrate historical vestiges, nomadic caravans, artistic ateliers and complex structures. Often these patterns are intricate stripes or elaborate collages. How divine!

A true collection of curiosities, assembled and studied for our multiple and layered contemporary lifestyles.