Color Library Robert Allen

Bright, bold color...
February 8, 2013

Color in its purest form can be found in the pigment used for centuries in the creation of artists’ paint. We were particularly drawn to the vivid green and brilliant blue in the paintings of modern artists and designed a palette of bright colors to complement them and inspire you as you create your next masterpiece.

Bright, bold color. A vibrant palette inspired by the pure pigments in the artist’s studio. On trend, but with a nod to the classics. Colors that make a statement and speak to your sense of style.

This vivid color, in yarns exclusively dyed for Robert Allen, is inspired by the rich and pure pigment used by artists like Matisse and de Kooning. It can be enlivened with citron or toned down with a neutral linen.

This mid-tone blue is known as a traditional, decorative color that has its roots in ceramics, but it has carved out an edgier spot for itself in current fashion. The power and beauty of this hue is striking in a tone on tone treatment with turquoise.

A brilliant and sophisticated pink named after the flowers of a tropical plant, fuchsia is now in its element on the red carpet and as the oft-used accent to cobalt and viridian in modern art.

This green-cast blue is said to have a calming effect. Here it works to deepen the richness of cobalt and catch the light of citron. It’s often seen in both ancient and modern art as a complement to viridian, cobalt and fuchsia.