Christmas accessories

by Riviere in Fifth Avenue
December 20, 2016

In anticipation of the Christmas holidays hurry up to FIFTH AVENUE for exquisite accessories from the Italian brand Riviere to create the decor of Your space in an easy and elegant style “Bella Vita”! Riviere accessories are hand-made from the most precious materials: luxurious leather, horns, makasarese ebony in unusual combinations with a tarp, bamboo, chrome and acrylic. One of the characteristics of Riviere –”chess”- weave of the finest leather, which gives the items a special touch of nobility and elegance.

Italians like no other, know a lot about the “art of living” and achieving a perfect balance between work and pleasure. Always be surrounded by beauty, whether in nature or in design, and feel  primarily the comfort, not just the style – this is the “BellaVita” and the philosophy of Reviere.