Art-works of DENIS MILOVANOV in Fifth Avenue

Following old Russian traditions, oak and walnut wood is digested in oil.
April 4, 2016

In the constellation of brands, represented by Fifth Avenue, is the new star of the art-works and objects of design and decoration known in global art circles as the Russian artist and designer – Denis Milovanov, whose name was opened in 2007 by the great Zaha Hadid. Designer Denis Milovanov works in two directions – creates unique objects of collectable design is the first line of DENIS MILOVANOV, who exhibited at the world’s leading design&art events (AD 2016 Collections in April in conjunction with the gallery Armel Soyer Gallery in Paris; Armel Soyer Gallery, personal exhibition, Paris, 2016; PAD Paris, Paris, 2016; Design Miami/Basel, Basel, 2015; Maison&Objet, Paris, 2014) , as well as unique decor items below the line SÓHA, which already adorn these conceptual showrooms and projects like Golden Goose, Venice; Garde, Los Angeles; AP store & gallery, Zurich; Corotos Market, Berlin; LeForm, Moscow, and in real-time – art&design space Fifth Avenue in Moscow.

A bit about the technology the designer uses…Following old Russian traditions, oak and walnut wood is digested in oil. It pushes from the wood of moisture and impregnating a thing makes it stronger and more durable. Interacting with tannins at a high temperature, the oil gives the product an expressive and natural shades — from light brown to coal-black. Decorative elements on the tree, like the objects themselves — the result of the masterful treatment of a chainsaw. Ceramic tableware fired in underground wood-fired oven. Blurred patterns, giving the products a striking appearance of ancient artifacts, are the result of natural interaction of fire and salt. The main inspirational force for the creation of objects is the aesthetics of the Russian North with its severe nature, black from time and climate with simple and primitive patterns.
We are waiting for You to meet and purchase items from DENIS MILOVANOV and his line SÓHA in the showroom Fifth Avenue, in the center of design Artplay!