Art-exhibition of Aurelia Leplumey in Galerie Liaigre

in Paris (September 2014)
August 29, 2014

Fifth Avenue on behalf of  Christian Liaigre has the honor to invite You to visit the exhibition of art works of the young French artist Aurelia Leplumey, which opens September 4 at Galerie Liaigre (33, Rue Verneuil) on the eve of the September session Maison&Objet 2014 in Paris (5 – 9 September). If You plan to be at the show this fall, You will be able to get a true aesthetic pleasure from exploring the art works of this talented artist and plunge into the atmosphere of the art – style of Christian Liaigre house. We, in turn, will be very glad to see You in the showroom Christian Liaigre in Paris and introduce a new exposition of the house.

Aurelia Leplumey moved to Paris in 2005, where she currently lives and works after receiving her National Degree in Fine Arts (d’Expression Plastique) in Annecy, the Alps region of south-eastern France. It’s in her work that Aurélia Leplumey discovered the profound and intimate means of expressions positioned with the singular relationship between materials and color.
At the age of 33, this young artist prepares her surfaces with cement. With this medium appears a certain randomness of texture and light that she paints based on her inspiration and intuition, resulting in powerful effects that seem beyond her control. Of her work, she says:
«Darkness and light are paramount factors in my work.If I have a specific idea about an outcome, too many elements will obstruct my control over the subject. »

Aurélia Leplumey creates a dialogue with this medium in which she tenaciously pursues human dimension. The verticality of her pieces is another sign of human form, as they stand upright like a man challenged by the trials of an internal world, hiding nothing from the powerful reflection of the material. There is a Shamanic force in her art that touches us deeply and profoundly.
Earth, scarifications, tectonic turbulence, dark reliefs and an opacity that occasionally lets through a pale light that continues beyond the painting, are the marks of a strong presence, echoed by a diptych that gives the work life. The dark pallet of Aurélia Leplumey reveals itself on abstract surfaces that ring like an incantation. The world through her paintings is not one of indifference. Looking forward to see You in Paris! You must see it.