Announcement of Tom Faulkner master-class

in interior showroom FIFTH AVENUE
November 5, 2015

18 November at 17:00 for the first time in Moscow the  interior showroom FIFTH AVENUE will host a master class of renowned British designer Tom Faulkner, the Creator of the brand Tom Faulkner, for interior designers, architects and decorators. The name of Tom Faulkner is today synonymous with high quality and tradition of British craftsmen in the field of manual production of furniture made of metal. Design items from Tom Faulkner are known for their originality and is characterized by strong, clean lines and classical proportions. During the master-class Tom Faulkner will tell the audience about himself, his brand, creating furniture out of metal, marble and glass, and will share his plans and projects.

About the brand. Tom Faulkner started his professional career in the early nineties with painting furniture with bold and bright graphic patterns. In 1995 he created two models of its first chairs made of metal. “Metal has become a real discovery for me. I was as if tempted by its stylistic features, the fact that it can be shaped in almost any form, as well as its strength, plasticity and ease.” says Tom Faulkner.