Announcement of lecture of Aurelie Julien about collectible design in Fifth Avenue

Looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday, March 16, at 17-00.
March 11, 2016

Two global trends: the demand for interior decorations, created at the intersection of art and design, and production of their own furniture lines with architects and designers rise the need for experts-consultants of the new formation. Today there are so few of such specialists, but international experts are in great demand. On Wednesday, March 16 at 17: 00 the guests of the show-room Fifth Avenue on the lecture will have the opportunity to meet with one of the leading experts in this field, the founder of the consulting company Aurelie Julien Collectible Design – Aurelie Julien.

Behind Aurelie Julien management are Parisian galleries  – Kreo and Carpenters Workshop, a collaboration with Mark Newson, Martin Szekely, Wendell Castle. And this is not the whole list, with whom she had the opportunity to meet and work. Today Aurelie Julien, CEO of Julien Aurelie Collectible Design, is working closely with architects and private clients, advising on the acquisition of a collectible design. Also Aurelie Julien leads the first furniture line of Joseph Dirand,  Isabelle Stanislas and Bismut&Bismut. Among her recent projects is the launch of a furniture line of American couturier Virgil Abloh.

In her lecture at March 16 in the Fifth Avenue showroom, which unites under one roof high design and art, Aurélie Julien will talk about trends in the market for collectible design, will introduce its contemporary terminology, will share news about launches of furniture of famous architects and designers, and gradually will consider the process of integration of  collectible design items in iterior projects. And, of course, the lecture will be accompanied by illustrations of completed projects and items from the latest collections.
We also invited to participate in our event the representative of the Brussels art fair BRAFA, the art consultant – Catherine de Rochambeau-Lemonade, which will tell you where you can see the collectible  design and share the world’s calendar of art events for the upcoming year.
Looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday, March 16, at 17-00.