“Anemones in Light” is a striking new design of De Gournay by Kate Moss

December 13, 2017

The result of close creative engagement between De Gournay and Kate Moss, “Anemones in Light” is a striking new design joining De Gournay’s permanent collections of hand painted wallpapers.

One of the most famous women in the world, Kate was already a well-established De Gournay client when the suggestion of a design of her own making was ventured, following an initial meeting with Claud Cecil Gurney over a decade ago.   The large scale floral motif depicts the anemone flower – an ancient symbol of luck and that, according to Mythology, sprang from the tears of Aphrodite for Adonis. Kate was enthusiastic to combine this romantic dimension alongside a more graphic aesthetic that reflected her personal style.

Composed in a cascading arrangement upon custom Grey painted Xuan paper, the display within her bathroom was installed amidst pre-existing wooden panelling: elegantly framing the custom design sections.

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