Accessories by Alexander Lamont in the exposition of Fifth Avenue

Brands portfolio of Fifth Avenue has replenished with one more unique name - Alexander Lamont.
October 17, 2016

Alexander Lamont is the amazing designer who creates furniture and accessories at the crossroad of design and art in his Studio in Bangkok of the most expensive and exclusive natural materials: stone, patinated bronze, mother of pearl and precious metals. Being the first time with parents of thirteen-year-old boy in Thailand, Alexander fell in love with the culture and crafts of this unique country, where nature itself dictates shapes which organically surround us in everyday life and bring us closer to our roots, to peace and inner harmony.

“The market today is looking for  faster and cheaper processes. Things can be half way in half an hour. Things that are ready to go out of the door very quickly. And the materials I’m working with are much slower. They require patience and attention. They are expensive materials. But the reason you see these materials in the great collections of the museums of the world, lies in the fact that they have incredible longability. All these natural materials grow old with grace, if treasured and cherished and looked after. They have been built here to last hundreds of years.” says Alexander Lamont.

You can buy the accessories designed by Alexander Lamont right now in our showroom Fifth Avenue!